Hi. I'm Eddie Andrews

I believe ...

we should know each other. Currently representing Johnston, Urbandale, and now Saylor and Crocker Townships, I PERSONALLY visit every door* meeting people, sharing solutions, hearing YOU.

I listen...

to everyone. Right. Left. Independent. Let's chat. Call/text me any time at 515-800-IOWA (4692) to give input, ask questions or volunteer. Follow us on social media links below and stay connected. If you haven't seen me at your door yet, I hope to see you soon.

I work...

for you. I have been called the "most accessible" legislator and "hardest working" legislator. I will faithfully represent every voice in the community: YOU matter. Let's work together to make this community and our state better than ever.

I'm honored to serve and represent you! Going forward, I need your help.

Can I count on your vote and support?


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What I Believe

"Man is the true creator of change in this world... God gave us the ability, so let's make change." - Steve Jobs

With so much division in Washington, sometimes we forget that local state government affects our lives more than anything coming out of DC. I believe we as Iowans, can and must work together on real issues that make Iowans safe, prosperous and respected. I'll lead that effort.

As an entreprenuer and mentor, I tell my #mentoromics students that if we want something, let's make it happen. No excuses. The same sentiment is true in legislative service: we must work together to improve our mental health systems.

I am running because NO ONE was addressing the real reforms that would have helped families like mine affected by mental health, or letting our children fall through the cracks. So seeing that things need to improve, and believing - yes, knowing - that I can make a difference, I am putting in the hard work, listening to all sides, learning from everyone, and if you elect me, I will do everything I can to make it happen.

Mental Health Reform

Mental health isn't academic to me. This is very personal to me and hundreds of families affected by this throughout our community and across our state. We need to give parents and families navigation tools when this plague affects their loved ones. They need to know that services will be available instead of 6-8 week delays, that beds will be open, that costs aren't through the roof, and that they are not alone.

I've proposed rapid response mental health units for children to assist law enforcement to de-escalate mental health calls, in a revenue nuetral way.

I've proposed youth-to-adult transition units for children who leave youth facilities at 18 to ensure stable environments. This will be better for our community, ethically and monetarily. If we don't save them now, we'll all pay later.

Family Safety

One of the blessings of walking every single day, seeing every single neighborhood and knocking on every single door in our hometowns, is that not only do I share what's important to me, I get a chance to really listen and hear what the people of Johnston, Grimes, Jefferson Township, Urbandale and Granger tell me is important to them. One of those issues they routinely share is family safety.

Moms and dads tell me that they don't want our towns turning into intimidation driven violent cities like others across the country. I will work every day for every day citizens to engage in peaceful assembly, whether I agree or disagree with the purpose, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. I will further work with law enforcement to make sure peaceful means peaceful.

I am the candidate who further supports donor privacy and citizen privacy, so private citizens can donate to good causes without fear of harassment by others.


Every child learns differently, but one thing is generally true: parents know what's best for each of their children. Whether public, private, religious, vocational, charter, XQ or home schooling, we need to support all of these options. Even with school choice, the public schools work for most families. I support equipping parents with options to give their child the best opportunity to learn and grow.

When I started #mentoromics, I first began teaching coding skills, at the Johnston library. A funny thing happened along the way. I saw the "at risk" kids become more engaged, and often went from D and F students to B level students. Why? We don't teach programming by itself. We mix in concepts like responsibility, perspective, decision making and entrepreneurship, and it changed the course of many lives. The Des Moines Public Schools inquired about our successful program and once we're past COVID, may implement some of our findings, because they work.

For me, I've always known education is powerful. My grandfather, born just one generation away from slavery, didn't know a lot of "book knowledge", but always stressed that "education is the path to success". He was right. They made us dress up for school - yes, business casual middle schoolers. Why? He was signaling to everyone involved that we were there to learn. Every child needs that opportunity. And in the 21st century, competing globally, we have no choice but to make certain that every Iowa child receives the best education for their best chance in life.

Responsible Criminal Justice Reform

As a Black man in Iowa who has experienced racism, I have a unique perspective, and have been a cheerleader for real justice reform that currently disproportionately affects poor and minority families. This must change. The opportunities we have here in our district are phenomenal, and we need to make sure that everyone is included. We need to stop jailing people for non-violent, non-threatening drugs, or non-threatening unpaid tickets. Ensuring fair sentencing is a must.

Further, the concept of fair justice is biblical. Not only are we to treat our "neighbor as ourselves", but we are to see that the balances of the law are applied justly.

First and Second Amendments

"A" Rating with the NRA - Eddie Andrews

The First Amendment establishes the right to peacably assemble and peacefully protest. It further establishes religious liberty and freedom to worship free of government entanglement. We're Americans. We speak our mind. When we disagree, we speak up. That's the American way. Voices of intimidation can't silence that.


The Second Amendment establishes our right to bear arms to defend our nation, protect our families and our property. These two critical rights must be protected, because without these two, it's very possible we won't enjoy the rest of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

I will defend both of these most basic and important rights.

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